"I remember we were offshore, a good 200 miles from the closest harbor and we spotted a small sailboat moving along at a nice clip," he said. "We sailed closer to check her out and what do you know? It was a Folkboat. Sailed by an elderly couple that was having tea and cookies on the high seas."
-From "Folkboat Mecca Denmark" by Dieter Loibner quoting Lars Erik Jensen

Found these in WallMart the other day. Principes were instrumental in my completing the Camino de Santiago in 2005. I have fond memories of them, and yes, they are still very good.


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I think Google has completely forgotten about blogger...

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Monday, September 17, 2012

She's up and floating again with an additional pump, battery and solar panel... no damage but a broken masthead that was rotten anyway. Irish Boat Shop fixed it up with a beautiful scarf joint. Pretty sure the pump was what gave out or the float trip for the pump. I'm headed up to sail her tomorrow!

 Just over a hundred exhaust pipes

The new through-frame "cali" pipe with a number of cones for other models


They always remind me of dinosaur remains when they are fitted for tack welding. 


Some overdue pictures of the now finished fuel tank for the prototype.

Aldo Rossi, via Guttae:

"Locus … is not unrelated to context; but context seems strangely bound up with illusion, with illusionism. As such it has nothing to do with the architecture of the city, but rather with the making of a scene, … saddening us like would-be tourists of a vanished world.

It is hardly surprising that this concept of context is espoused and applied by those who pretend to preserve the historical cities by retaining their ancient facades or reconstructing them in such a way as to maintain their silhouettes and colours and other such things; but what do we find after these operations when they are actually realised? An empty, often repugnant stage."

Aldo Rossi, The Architecture of the City

Inviato dal mio iPod

A Repugnant Stage

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Friday, January 13, 2012