Saturday, March 21, 2009

Extending the Puchavus Frame

The latest modification to the original Batavus Starflight frame has been to cut the frame in half and extend it by 5 1/2 inches (other changes were the loss of the rear rack, wiring loops, all the old engine mounts and the bottom of the current swing arm mount). I had originally thought this would be not enough, but am glad I didn't go any further. It's pretty long now... I plan on having this running for Whiskey Business if I can make it. I will probably not have had the time or funds to build the E50 by that time so I'm putting my attention into getting the ZA50 it top shape by then and have a seat figured out for the Puchavus's new lengthy configuration. The old seat doesn't really fit any more...

The cut frame:

Grinding the old crassbar welds off:

The insert for the extended section. Two pieces of pipe with holes through the outer to allow welding between the two for extra rigidity.
The frame welded back together and ground smooth with new angled crossbar.
Poor man's powder-coat...

The frame being reassembled. This is when I really started noticing how long it is...
With swing arm, bars and engine:
Possible Negrini tank? It's longer and narrower than the old tank, and very pretty. It's just not finished at all, so I would have to have take care of that. The old tank is so unique with its polished steel and clear powdercoat, but to go through that whole process again with the Negrini tank.. Ughh.
The frame is now longer than that of a Magnum, and has 16" wheels compared to a Magnum's 17" wheels. In other words, it looks long. At least I have enough room to run a front fender without taking off my sparkpug boot! I wonder how the handling will be affected.

Up next, replacing the old pucks with MLM performance pucks before I destroy my drive gear teeth again, new drive chain, new cables, new seat, cutting and angling the Simonini, and a possible new tank.