Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whiskey Business 3

Our trailer minus suspension and with chunks out of the tire:

Motion Left camper in Louisville

Rally point on the long ride:

Idling on Story Avenue

After the long ride:

The Bandits raffle bike

...And its happy winner, Bengry from the Guns.

Long exposure shot of the fireworks over Louisville during Thunder, which I still done't quite understand...

Nate Bandit Welding a scissor jack onto our axle; it worked great all the way back to Goshen!

Max Mojo's loaner after he T-boned a car that cut him off; one of three bad accidents of the rally. Amazingly he was walking around the next day.

Blk Blk's bikes...

Some of the more interesting bikes of the rally:

Briton Bee's Modified Pinto frame with 15mm Bing, 65cc Polini and Motion Left Pipe hit 61mph a week before the rally:

Briton Bee's completely custom Gitane w/Motion Left Pipe

Internette, Julian's amazing neon pink and yellow powder-coated Motobecane/Honda

Hobbits were out in full force led by the Hobbit evangelist Peter, now of the Guns.

Motobecane with matching knee guards:

The infamous reverse triped:

More triped fun:

Shaw-built maxi with exhaust pipe crossbar:

And my favorite bike of the weekend belonging to one of the Hot'n Readys