Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally, Pictures of the Puchavus

So this weekend some folks from the Ghost Riders and the Guns came down to the shop and we spent all day Saturday and Sunday working on bikes. I was in the zone so to speak. I mocked it up and it certainly looks mean, although it is very, very small, and ever so low to the road. (notice the size of the concrete blocks)

Devin and I (read Devin) tack-welded the engine mounts to the frame, I drilled them out and the engine seems to fit very well. The chain even seems to allign better than I could have expected (with the too-good-for-measurements stance I took on fabricating the mounts). Here's a not so good picture of the mounted engine showing the offset from the frame (and Motion Left welding prowess).

I cut the drop bars short to fit the original Batavus grips and levers which are really appropriate lookin. Next I made a speedo mount out of sheet metal, set slightly to the side. I will wrap this in checkered tape in classic cafe bike form. I also ground off the headlight mounts as I would like to put a larger motorcycle headlight on, plus if I end up getting clip-ons it wouldn't have worked with the mounts.

Overall, the look is far better than I had expected. I'm almost falling in love with the rough, unpainted look it has now, although it will look better powder coated black, especially with the seat. With fat racing flats this thing is going to be downright scary, or at least as scary as something that's about 2 and a half feet tall and 4 feet long can be! Oh, and with a Homoet-style exhaust it is even better.

Prepare to be destroyed by 50 ridiculous Puchavistic cc's!