Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Puchavus 50cc Cafe Racer... continued.

As of sunday I have finished grinding out the frame to fit the Za50. I also fabricated six engine mounts to be welded to the frame. The steel I used was quite thick so there will be no risk of the engine torquing off!

The engine mounts on the right side of the bike all have to be shifted out slightly, which made for some interesting work. I did this by bending the metel in a vice. I ground the corners down around where they will be bolted to the engine.

The order for the seat, simonini exhaust, boost bottle, Sava 2.5" tires and engine will be going out this week.

Next will be the fabrication of seat mounts, and getting everything welded.

And then the powder coating....black. And then, well a lot.