Saturday, November 29, 2008

Puchavus Gets Faster

Still having trouble with the points arking, but found a loose ground that made a lot of difference. Now at least it isn't misfiring. Went in to the shop around ten last night and after swapping out two stator plates decided that wasn't the problem. By midnight I established a new ground off the lighting coil and the Puchavus came to life. I rejetted to a 92 and set the needle one notch up from the richest setting, which is what Sue is running. I also threw on an air filter just to be safe. This actually pulled out more rpm's so I figure I'm still running a little lean. As a result of inverting the second speed clutch it slips quite a bit stretching the first gear out to a screaming shift. It's a little jittery at the top of 1st gear, but the second gear is smooth all the way through the power band. I can definitely feel it hit a wall at the top end, so I hope with a little more tuning of the carb and maybe a 93 or 94 jet I can see an extra couple of mph's. This is one LOUD bike... You think you're going fast... and then you hit the Simonini's power band!!!