Today I decided to open up the transmission on the Puchavus just to see how much damage there was. I was pretty sure the problem was that one of the clutch ribbons (perhaps the one I had "modified" to engage later) had slipped off and destroyed something important... I was right.

Sure enough this little piece of metal had wreaked havoc upon my main drive gear.

Lots of teeth missing...

Here are the teeth...

So I cleaned out the cases, installed a new main drive gear, which was the wrong size so I had to also replace the gear it meshes with to match.

Then I went ahead and replaced my retarded old 19mm Dellorto with the new 21mm PHBG race edition...

After I replaced the fractious second speed clutch I now have a first gear! I also installed it backwards which is supposed to require higher rpm's for it to open... It works!

Definitely sounds like a new bike and put some life into the kit. Now it goes waaaahhhhh!!!! instead of weeneneeeneeeeeee.....

And voila!

And here she is in action...

Hello 60mph!

The Puchavus Returns with More Power

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Monday, November 24, 2008

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  1. Ha. Love the play by play, from the missing teeth all the way to the fractious clutch! You need an orthodontist.. that sounds so much better, even through the recording, can't wait to actually see it run! later.