Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just in from the Rad Trads...

In the comment section of a certain extraordinary Catholic blog post, purporting to elucidate the Pope's new Encyclical, "Caritas in Veritate," I stumbled, or rather tripped and fell over this juicy little bit of idiocy.

Dear Boniface,

I think this was a well thought out, and very sobering, analysis. I don't know what to think. I'm very worried, and I hate to think of how this will be construed by the evil ones of this country and the world. It already has been interpreted in such a way by the media (no shock there). And reading the parts about the environment really disturbs me. It's like being at Mass and hearing a prayer for the fight against global warming in the general intercessions (yes, I have actually heard that). All of that socialistic garbage is what is destroying our country. And whether this country was founded by Freemasons or not, its principles are good, and I don't see why the good things about America can't be a model for other nations. And, of course, I think America can also learn things from other nations. Anyway, I hope we are both wrong. God bless.

Michael H

My favorite part: "whether this country was founded by Freemasons or not, its principles are good, and I don't see why the good things about America can't be a model for other nations." Thank you Michael H. for that little bit of brilliancy. I wonder if you hadn't been born a Catholic if you would have gone in for the novels of Dan Brown with a similar zeal.

Oh, wait, for some strange reason I didn't finish reading the comments... But I just noticed this:

"We should have the social reign of Christ the King and a Catholic government.

This Catholic government should have the right to ban all public expressions of false religions but tolerate them in charity. this is the only logical path. [Good thing we're still trying to be logical here.]

There is one true religion.
Christ is our King.
Therefore, a government should be modeled after the laws of the Church and submit itself to Christ the King.
This government should therefore be Catholic.
Laws are therefore to be made in accordance to Christ’s laws (i.e. no business open on Sundays or Holy Days unless of necessity, the outlawing of all immoral things, the following of the social teachings of the Church as expressed by great minds such as Leo XIII, etc.).

Further as we know false religions lead people to hell.
Therefore a Catholic government has the right to surpass their proselytizing because it endangers souls.

That is why I said some of this doesn’t work here because we don’t have a Catholic government, but we should and it should work to safeguard souls. If you were in charge of a Catholic nation why wouldn’t you stop the public circulation of pamphlets by protestants lying about the Church and/or trying to get people to leave the Church?

Our system is not entirely bad, don’t get me wrong, its tolerable, but I’m just saying there is something better."

At least there are still people with vision out there...