Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Youthful Cove

In medio Tutorissimus ibis.
"Thou shalt walk in the midst of thy Tutors."

ONCE on a time a youthful cove
As was a cheery lad
Lived in a villa by the sea.—
The cove was not so bad;

The dogs and cats, the cows and ass,
The birds in cage or grove
The rabbits, hens, ducks, pony, pigs
All loved that cheery lad.

Seven folks—one female and six male,—
Seized on that youthful cove;
They said—"To edjukate this chap
Us seven it doth behove."

The first his parrient was,—who taught
The cove to read and ride,
Latin, and Grammarithemetic,
And lots of things beside.

Says Pa, "I'll spare no pains or time
Your school hours so to cut,
And sqare and fit, that you will make
No end of progress—but—,"

Says Mrs. Grey,—"I'll teach him French,
Pour parler dans cette pays—
Je cris, qu'il parlera bien,
Même comme un Francais—Mais—"

Says Signor Gambinossi,—"Si
Progresso si farà,
Lo voglio insegnare qui,
La lingua mia,—ma,"—

Says Mr. Grump,—"Geology,
And Mathetics stiff
I'll teach the cove, who's sure to go
Ahead like blazes,—if—"

Says James—"I'll teach him everyday
My Nastics: now and then
To stand upon his 'ed; and make
His mussels harder,—when"—

Says Signor Bianchi,—"Lascia far;—
La musica da me,
Ben insegnata gli serà;—
Farà progresso,—Se—"

Says Edmund Lear—"I'll make him draw
A Palace, or a hut,
Trees, mountains, rivers, cities, plains,
And p'rapps to paint them—but

So all these 7 joined hands and sang
This chorus by the sea;—
"O! Ven his edjukation's done,
By! Vot a cove he'll be!"