Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Paragon...

Here is a sneak preview of what I was doing in the few moments I wasn't working on my thesis this semester. MLM's Devin Biek and I have set out to design and build a custom moped frame from the 19" wheels and swing-arm up to the polished aluminum tank and seat. Oh, and the pedal shaft... Our inspiration comes from 60's & 70's 50cc GP racers with a flavour of 20's and 30's record breakers. Don't mind those EBR's they're just on there for the mock up. More to come in good time...

Design Precedents:
Early Triumph racers
'65 Honda 50cc GP racer
The 1937 Excelsior "Manxman"
Italian 50cc racers

The famous supercharged Zenith "Super Kim"
60's Minarelli 50cc GP racer
Ivan Wicksteed's Brooklands record breaking supercharged Triumph Speed Twin

60's & 70's GP racers
Harley Davidson board track racers

I love this shot. And those handlebars...