Lead holder, small triangle, the all-important ruling pen, light, medium, dark and very dark shadow washes, a warm reflected light wash, and a variety of brushes.
The shadowcaster often works upside down depending on which way the shadow is graded. In this case the shadow is darkest at the top of the building.

Even the masters make mistakes. Spot the mistake the shadowcaster has made in this detail and win a small dish of reflected light, or perhaps a vial of backshadow...

The Tools of the Shadowcaster

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Monday, May 9, 2011

  1. Even Homer nods- I think it must be the lower cornice shadow that is all wonky. It looks like a silhouette of itself.

  2. For some reason the comments on this post have disappeared. Perhaps something to do with Google's recent problems? But in response to one comment, no the shadow of the ionic cornice is relatively correct, given the scale of the drawing. Keep looking.