Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Puchavus ...continued

So, the Puchavus will come to life... someday. Actually, that day draws nigh. On Tuesday I spent all day working in the shop. I repacked my wheel bearings, and discovered that I don't know where my front break hub has gotten to. I hope it shows up, especially since I put a good deal of time into making it all shiny.

Peter and Sarah from the Ghost Riders came in and we went over to get some of their stuff welded and picked up my and Devin's frames. Good Lord! When Devin told Rex to put some hefty welds on my engine mounts Rex took him seriously... Their awsome.

I also got Devin to show me how to port my engine. We raised the exhaust mainifold and opened up the intake mainifold to 17mm to match my carb. Then I went in and smoothed it all out and shortened the piston skirts.

Next, I found a bent piece of aluminum piping, and (after removing the bushing from my carb and shimming it up with a coke can) had a pretty sweet intake manifold, although it is monstrously long.

Then Devin had the fabulous idea of putting a velocity stack on the carb instead of the normal filter. A velocity stack is a horn shaped piece of metal that smoothes the air flow going into the carb and apparently (from what wikipedia says) manages to reclaim some of the vaporized fuel which is pulsed back out the carb when it is running at full throttle. (The main thing is that it just looks awsome and will probably make my carb louder than my engine...)

This is what I'm making my velocity stack out of.

Yesterday I went in and began putting the frame together. I also went out and got a toggle kill switch which I mounted on the speedometer plate.

I just placed the order for the chain and Simonini exhaust(expensive!) So I'm hoping thos will be in by Sunday... maybe. 2.25" Savas... well, we'll see.

The Carburator with its velocity stack and rediculous intake is going to be the most conspicuous part of this bike. I don't think people are even going to notice that its a Batavus while they wonder who the tard is who mounted his carb 12 inches from the cylinder. Plus it's only going to be a 50cc bike! Myabe I'll run a kickstand, but I'm pretty sure I won' run pedals at all, seeing as I don't have a pedal sprocket hooked up. I'm just going to pick up some pegs which should be a lot more comfortable. Right now without tuning I'm hoping for low to maybe mid 40's for Whiskey Business.