Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rain and petcocks...

So Puchavus has been running fine since Whiskey Business. She doens't really like the rain at all, but some different kind of carb filter might help... Alao the rear brake is barely working so I guess I need to either take it apart and see whats wrong or just salvage one off a batavus in the back of the shop. Also there is some curious metalic dust gathering on the chain... I can't see in places where it's rubbing though.

I started her up tonight to ride to the studio and spent a good 15 minutes trying to figure out if I was grounding out somewhere, then checked my fuel switch- it was off... I love and hate that feeling.

The velocity stack (bicycle horn) should be in by now so I can rig that up Sunday as we prepare for our rally, cleaning the shop, getting the firepit ready, marking the road for the quarter mile races, reviewing the ride, etc.

My targeted 42mph was a bit of a stretch on this stock cylinder, although I really can't complain (35ish maybe a little more isn't bad), but plans are now to throw on a 74cc Metra kit whenever Benji gets some back in stock... Rippin'!!!! I figure a Metra kit is my best bet as I want a kit with a bit more endurance than a sprint kit like a Polini since I'll be riding 12 miles to work at the shop over the summer. Mid 50's would be awsome, but I don't know how realiable it would be if I did a lot of porting. Heck, I'll probably do it anyway...
So that means a new carb (21mm?). And even more importantly, a SEAT. That piece of metal is about as comfortable as it looks: not at all, but then Burt Munro would be proud.

On the downside I definitely won't have her kitted by Motion What?, but she's plenty fast for a midwest rally.